My wins. The mountains I climbed

I am lucky to go from adventure to adventure. From challenge to challenge. Not many managers have the ability to combine content, product development and sales. I’ve been doing that for over 8 years. During my career, I have successfully launched start-ups and co-managed one of the most significant media companies in Poland. I have shifted roles multiple times and I have succeeded in each and every one of them. My assets include:

  • strong goal-orientation
  • ability to build goal-oriented teams
  • as a CEO during “times of war”, I’ve been particularly effective while changing the organizations in those difficult times.

Now (from March 2020)

I am responsible for WP Pilot – an OTT platform with 4 million users on a monthly basis. Currently, WP Pilot is one of the fastest developing products at Wirtualna Polska. Thanks to the new sales strategy, results exceed expectations.

September 2016 – February 2020

In 2016 – 2020 I was responsible for revenues, expenses and traffic of WPM media product. Scope of supervision includes 16 million of monthly users, 350 journalists and almost 100 experts in the field of SEO, social media, project management, development of publishing and video business. I ensured two-figure growth dynamics of WP media product. Significantly above market average. Restructured WP home page. In 2019, home page noted 20% year-to-year increase and it has outgrown During my tenure WP was awarded the title of the most quoted website for the first time in history.

As an entrepreneur

In 2012 – 2016 I was CEO of naTemat Media Group – one of the most successful media projects in the Polish Internet. The start-up achieved budget profitability in the second year. I implemented native advertising in the Polish market. We grow from zero to 6 million unique users of the group on a monthly basis in 4 years.

Journalist times

Before that I was lead politics news anchor in the most recognized news program “Wydarzenia” of Telewizja Polsat; author of interviews with opinion leaders in “Newsweek” and “Wprost” magazines;  Founder of website, which quickly became a recognizable brand among other news websites. I have built a product and a team of 10 people entirely from my own resources